Purchasing Refurbished Laptops Makes Sense

You’re considering buying a new laptop. As you search online, you notice a price difference between shiny, new laptops and laptops referred to as “refurbished.” The question is, should you always pay full price for the devices of your choice, or should you instead opt for cheap refurbished laptops of the same model? The following are four reasons why you should buy refurbished:

    • Refurbished laptops are barely-used.


    • Refurbished laptops are cheaper.


    • Refurbished systems have been checked more times by quality assurance.


    • Refurbished electronics are recycled.

Cheap refurbished laptops are used, but don’t deserve the negative stigma associated with buying a used gadget. A laptop that is listed as refurbished is in most cases barely-used, but has been quickly returned to the manufacturer or retailer by the original purchaser. While you might assume there must be something wrong with a returned computer, that’s not true. These computers are still held up to the same exacting standards by the manufacturer or retailers. The only difference is, a refurbished device has been used, if only barely-used. And the important difference for you, then, is the difference in price.

Refurbished laptops are cheaper, given their slightly used status. You can buy a 100 dollar laptop instead of paying 150 or even 200 dollars. Given that the only real difference between a brand-new computer and one that’s refurbished is a negligible amount of previous use, the smart decision is to buy the 100 dollar laptop.

A refurbished device and a new device are held up to the same standards of quality by manufacturers and retailers. In fact, there’s a good chance that a refurbished computer will more closely live up to those standards. When a barely-used laptop is returned to the retail store or the production line, the tech specialists run it through quality-control checks again. If there’s anything slightly off, the device receives a tune-up to get it up to scratch. A refurbished piece of technology receives far more scrutiny than a new one coming off the line, and this can only mean good things for a consumer concerned with quality.

Refurbished laptops are recycled. They may be slightly used, but they’re just as good as a new computer. Disposing of electronics can be very toxic to the environment. Fortunately, since a refurbished device is every bit as good as a brand new machine, the seller elects to “recycle” it rather than disposing of it. It’s good for the consumer and the planet.

If you’re considering buying a new laptop, you should consider buying a refurbished device of the same model. They’re only slightly used, they’ve been through more quality assurance tests, they’re the more eco-friendly choice, and you’ll save some green to boot. Buying a refurbished laptop, instead of reflexively paying full price, is the mark of a thrifty, well-informed customer.

Environmental perks of buying refurbished laptops

Purchasing a new computer is more harmful to the environment than most people understand. The rate of sales for new computers is on the rise and that generally means an old computer is headed to the junkyard. There are options that will work for both the environment and the computer owner. Consider how much can be saved if everyone purchased a refurbished laptop.

Environmental Perks of Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Natural Resources- A staggering number of natural resources is used in the making of a laptop computer. That is why new laptops are so expensive. It makes more sense to purchase cheap laptops under 100 dollars that work just as well as new laptops. Over one ton of water is used in making a single new laptop. Well over 500 pounds of fossil fuels also go into the making of a new laptop. It barely seems sensible to purchase a new one rather than searching for used laptops under 100 dollars.

Waste- More than 255,000 computers are thrown away in dumps every year. That has a huge impact on the environment and is completely unnecessary. Old laptops can be refurbished or used for parts, much like an old car. Purchasing cheap laptops under 100 dollars that are refurbished promotes a green way of life. The only thing a new laptop has to offer over a refurbished one is that the packaging may be prettier. The purchase of one refurbished laptop can literally save tons of water and fossil fuels.

Chemicals- There is approximately forty-eight pounds of chemicals used in manufacturing a new laptop. Those chemicals eventually are released into the air and ground when the product is in the junkyard soaking up the sun. That is an unfair burden to place on an already overly burdened environment.

Decomposition- Computer parts do not easily decompose. Laptops that are thrown away rather than refurbished add to a staggering pile of garbage that will remain there for centuries to come. People who purchase refurbished laptops under 100 dollars prove that there is a market for it and that they care about the environmental impact of throwing old computers away.

It pays to consider the purchase of a refurbished laptop over a new laptop in many ways. It saves the consumer hundreds of dollars, refurbished laptops do the same thing as new ones, and the environmental impact is astonishingly amazing. Promote the green lifestyle to help save the planet for the future generations that will be left with whatever mess is left to them.